About me

228e6f7I am an interpreter and translator based in Trieste, Italy. My active languages are English and Romanian, my passive languages Italian and French. The simultaneous and consecutive techniques I learnt during my MA in Conference Interpreting at the renowned “School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators” in Trieste helped me to successfully apply theoretical aspects of interpreting into practice. Previously, I had I obtained a BA in Languages and Translation at the “Dunarea de Jos” University in Romania.

I have worked as conference interpreter in various contexts, at conferences which dealt with topics ranging from recycling and money laundering to energy and smart grids. From the beginning of my stay in Italy, I have participated in many court hearings as interpreter and translator and I am a member of ASSSITIG (Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti Giudiziari).

In translation I specialize in legal texts – working in Court for so many years helped, while globalization and Italian companies expanding abroad and needing their income statements and contracts translated meant that I specialized in financial texts.

I am currently working as an English lecturer at the University of Trieste and I do research and publish scientific articles in the field of linguistics, translation and interpreting.

In the very little time I have left not doing any of the above I enjoy going to art museums. I love my job, I really do, that’s why it hurts when I see my favourite art pieces with mistranslated captions! I might write a book about them…