Translation work carried out for translating agencies, companies, governmental institutions, private clients.
Working languages: RO, EN, FR, IT >< RO, EN, IT

Relevant work in:

  • Administration: birth certificates, study documents, study programmes, syllabi
  • Building: building materials, cement
  • Business: minutes of meetings, director’s reports
  • Coffee: coffee trade, coffee machines
  • Contracts: joint-stock companies, shareholders’ contracts
  • Customs: customs paperwork
  • Demography: Friuli Venezia Giulia report on the population of the region
  • Education: regulations and school organization systems in Romania, France in Italy
  • Energy: power plants, smart energy grids, renewable energy
  • Ecology and waste management: recycling
  • Engineering: feasibility study on roofing and hydrology
  • Finance: balance sheets, management reports on financial years, introductory notes
  • History: history of Aquileia and relevant archaeological findings
  • Legal: Court of Law and Police forces documents relating to arrests, notifications, prosecutions
  • Literature: poetry and prose, the ‘Baracche’ volume
  • Safety: safety requirements on work sites, safety checklists
  • Technical: Patents pending on mechanism helping people with motor disability, blast chillers, chargers
  • Travel: tourist brochures
  • Wine and olive oil: translations for wine and oil producers

Feedback from clients:
“Daniela is a highly qualified translator and she is very professional. She has carried out several translations for my company and has provided a timely and well researched translation. We have collaborated for many years now, I appreciate the quality of her texts.”
Roberto Poropat, Managing Director Metro International, part of Trade Services Italia

“Daniela is not a graduate in medicine, but has applied the same passion and attention for terminology as one of my best medical students, when I needed some specialized translation and editing services for scientific articles to be published in international journals or to be presented at international conferences.”
Doctor Vanna Pecile, geneticist

Feedback from clients and translation and interpreting agencies also here: